What is the medal.tv app? (TikTok for Gamers)

Today I downloaded medal to see what it is, how it is used, and if you should be working it into your content creation portfolio. Hope you enjoy!
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Medal is an appliction for your computer and phone to clip gameplay and share it instantly. It connects your computer and phone to share clips you hit on your computer. You can then share them on twitter, tiktok, reddit, etc. It also has its own social platform on the app to check out other peoples clips. You could use this app to find top 10s and things but ultimately I think medal is a lot more useful when sharing outwards as opposed to building a brand on the platform itself.

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  1. Ive been using medal for quite a while, doesn't seem like much of a platform for growth really, I more use it just for personal clips n stuff. I tried using the browse feature a long time ago, but it was just full of non commentary videos, which is for me, so I just really use it for personal use. Also it uses a cloud based storage so it doesn't use any computer storage

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