Top 10 Shopify Apps You SHOULD BE Using In 2022 (E-commerce Tips)

If you are serious about scaling your Shopify store in 2022, You must install these apps.

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Without a doubt, Shopify is the best eCommerce platform out there. However, if you want to unleash the full power of Shopify, you need to install specialised apps.

Apps can help you increase your conversions, AOV, manage your shipping, A/B test your site, gather social proof, send emails and text messages to your customers and much more.

There are loads of apps available in the Shopify store, and which ones should you install? In this video, I compiled a list of apps I use and have used in the past with great success.

Follow along and see what apps work for your Shopify store in 2022.


00:00 – Intro to Shopify Apps
00:45 – ShipScout
03:18 – Dexter and Neat A/B Testing
05:16 – Google Optimize and Optimizely
05:42 – Okendo and Loox
07:02 – Klaviyo
08:14 – Postscript
09:08 – Rebuy
12:10 – Back in Stock
13:00 – Peel
14:56 – BeProfit
16:02 – GemPages

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Here are my MUST HAVE apps 👇

Shopify 👉

Adoric 👉

AdSpy 👉

BeProfit 👉

Calendly 👉

Charm 👉 promo code DAVIE (50% off a Starter or Professional plan)

Copy.Ai 👉

Gorgias 👉

Hubstaff 👉

Jungle Scout 👉 👉

Namecheap 👉

Optimonk 👉

Peel 👉

Postscript 👉

VidIQ 👉

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  1. it seems like those are all apps useful to optimize an already well running store. We've created a nice looking store with good products, some of those products well below the price of any competitors but our conversion rate is 0,2% at 500 visitors per month. I am constantly rummaging the internet to find answers/ ways to fix the issue

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  2. I noted your top label for the lemon scrub on this video intro. I don’t know if you want to alter it after the following 50, but maybe you can edit instead and replace with i.e. “An amazingly powerful, lemon scented domestic and commercial cleaning scrub” , so as to make the product usage clear. By the way thank you sincerely, I am learning a great deal, you are down to earth, entertaining, and not at all boring. P.S. I also like your framed picture of the pooch in the background. 👍😃

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  3. another good nice to have app is "page speed optimizer", which delays the loading of some unnecessary scripts, making the page load speed faster and therefore increasing SEO a bit.. also the mentioned "gem Page" app does increase page load speed by a good bit, so if you dont need extra page design optimization and your theme is enough dont use it if you dont have to. at least thats what i heard from others using it…

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