My YouTube, Instagram & TikTok Analytics for January! | Full analytics review | Social media growth

Today I will be taking you behind the scenes of my social growth and sharing my YouTube, Instagram and TiKTok analytics for the month of January 2022. So if you’re keen to learn which strategies i’ve been using, how much i’ve grown, or if you’re just feeling nosey – this video is for you! I will also be sharing social media tips, YouTube analytics, TikTok strategy 2022, TikTok growth, YouTube channel growth strategy, Instagram growth 2022,

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00:00 Intro
01:48 YouTube
12:11 Instagram
18:05 TikTok


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  1. Great videos with many helpful information. My TikTok videos only seen by viewers from Indonesia, Kazakhstan and other Asian countries. But we want our videos seen by people from USA, Canada because those are our target countries. Does anyone know what the problem is?

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  2. this kept me motivated during a painting session while i hope to learn and take this advice and apply it to my upcoming leap into becoming a small art business so these videos and this series is super duper helpful to me so thank you so much!!! subscribing so i can stay tuned for more!! <3

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  3. I found this very interesting and informative, thank you for being so transparent with your analytics! You made Tiktok seem less scary for those oldies like me (mid 30s) lol! I would love it if you could create a video dedicated to Tiktok to go into how you have found your first few weeks on the platform? Congrats also on the Youtube Black Voices!!

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