How to Use TikTok Marketing to Make Your Business Go Viral

TikTok marketing will boost traffic and create unique engagement with your brand. No matter what size your business is, this video will help get you started.

In the world of TikTok, genuine content reigns supreme. Unlike other social media platforms, users often favor raw and engaging videos over highly edited and curated posts. This stark difference in content is what makes TikTok special, and gives creators a connection to their audience that would be hard to find anywhere else.

The For You page is loaded with amazing content from millions of creators. Not all videos will go viral, but feeding the algorithm consistent quality content is the best way to help that happen. The biggest creators all started from the same place you did, and over time, were able to amass an incredible following. Nothing happens overnight, but slow and steady growth can work miracles. In this video we will cover how to get started as well as our favourite growth hacks to master TikTok and TikTok ads.

Here is what we’ll cover in this video:
00:00 Introduction
02:14 What are the Benefits of being on TikTok?
03:55 How Does TikTok Work?
04:13 How to Set Up Your Profile
04:54 How to Navigate the App
06:00 How to Create a TikTok Video
08:22 How to Look at Your Analytics
09:43 How to Go Viral on TikTok
10:29 Provide Value
12:10 Use Viral Sounds
13:05 Use Hooks
14:39 Find a Niche and Stick with it
16:18 Close Your App
16:54 Make Standalone Content
17:59 Watch for Shadowbans

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► 10 Growth Hacks to Dominate TikTok’s For You Page
► Social Media Strategy Template

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  1. I'm an author and screenwriter. I've been trying to get my products noticed on the internet, but nothing has come close to telling me how to do until I watched your video. I'm not on Tik-Tok or Shopify yet, but I'm going to follow your suggestions and maybe soon, I'll have my books or movie, or TV show noticed. 🙂

    Trả lời
  2. Hello, I have six questions about TikTok marketing. I appreciate any help before I launch my business:
    1. If you repurpose a TikTok video with their music (suggested or viral) for an Instagram reel, will Instagram maybe shadow ban you if the music is owned by TikTok?

    2. If you reply back to many comments from a TikTok post, will TikTok consider that as a red flag and possibly shadow ban you or will it help the algorithm by increasing engagement?

    3. Do you use a certain number of niche hashtags and/or trending hashtags as a preferable method to increase exposure/engagement?

    4. When marketing to a specific area, would you change your location on your TikTok account? I have my trademarks in various countries but I plan to start in the US (even though I'm from Canada) since that is where TikTok seems most popular.

    5. One of my businesses involves selling large canvas prints where landscape views would prevent images from being cut off. Is it ok to use horizontal views on TikTok or would you only suggest vertical views, in which case I'd have to do purchase orders to show viewers the product.

    6. How important are TikTok analytics, and should you post only on the days/hours that are most viewed?

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  3. I would like to know, if I want sales from posting on tiktok, do I need to do ads on tiktok or just post organically? And if I post organically how can they get to my website, I don't see a link to click on the tiktok videos. And if I want to do paid ads, do I also need to post organically ? Thanks

    Trả lời
  4. Are you able to set up separate "business" accounts on TikTok (apart from your personal account…but maybe tied to your personal account) like you do on FB & IG? Or do you just have to change your personal account to your business account? Hope that made sense!

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