How to Grow Your Business With the New TikTok Shopify App

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Turn your passion into a business here:

You can find the TikTok app for Shopify in our App Store here:

Business today looks different.

It’s slimy. It’s sparkly. It’s special.

It’s you.

While you’re busy creating, packing, and posting, we’re building the tools to pull your business forward.

We’re collaborating with TikTok to connect with your customers and sell your products in new ways.

The new TikTok Shopify app allows you to easily create shoppable TikTok video ads. Using our video generator tool, you can create TikTok ads that feature your store’s products in minutes.

Want to create TikTok ads for your brand? Get a $300 ad credit to get started on creating video ads when you download the Shopify TikTok app.

Check out the Shopify merchants featured in this video below—from Oreo-scented slimes (Boba Boa Slimes) to sparkly phone cases (Mai Cases), you’re sure to find something special.

Shoutout to our amazing merchants who are killing it on TikTok, including:

Boba Boa Slimes (featured on this video’s thumbnail):
TikTok: @itskristiii

Subtle Indecencies
TikTok: @subtleindecencies

XXL Scrunchie
TikTok: @xxl.scrunchie

Behind the Glow
TikTok: @behindtheglow2

Hiut Denim:
TikTok: @hiutdenim

Kylo Squash:
TikTok: @kylosquash

TikTok: @ceeceesclosetnyc

Feel Your Soul:
TikTok: @feelyoursoul__

Mai Cases:
TikTok: @shopmaicases

Manifest Beauty:
TikTok: @manifestbeautyuk

Candy Fun House:
TikTok: @candyfunhouse

John’s Crazy Socks
TikTok: @johnscrazysocks

Mike D’s BBQ
TikTok: @mikedsbbq

54 Thrones
TikTok: @54thrones

Pretty is Power
TikTok: @sim.ksidhu

TikTok: @apricottongirls

Ivy and Twine Candles
TikTok: @ivyandtwine

TikTok: @aavrani

Sicura Creations
TikTok: @sicuracreations

Fabulyss Boutique
TikTok: @fabulyssboutique

Yegi Beauty

Voice Over: Khadija Harris

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    REAL-TIME ANALYTICS – Zendrop syncs with your Shopify store, allowing you to see essential data like revenue, product costs, advertising budget, and more straight on the dashboard

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