How to Add Appointment Booking System Calendar with Free App in Shopify

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💻 Welcome to *How to Add Appointment Booking System Calendar with Free App in Shopify * Video Tutorial.

In this tutorial, you can learn How to add an Appointment Booking System Calendar with Free App in Shopify Online Store.

This Tutorial is for Beginners. you no need any technical or coding skills. Also no need to 💰 pay anything. We do this using a top trending Shopify Appointment Booking free App.

This App Name: Tipo Appointment Booking

About Tipo Appointment Booking

Powerful Appointment Booking System
Tipo Appointment Booking app is a powerful weapon you should never ignore in the eCommerce era. The cost of human resources is shrunk dramatically since all changes in slots, location, date and time, employees, etc. are automatically synced after each booking processing.

The app will bring a smooth booking experience to your customers due to straightforward booking steps, speedy loading, and stunning design. Also, the around-the-clock booking ability is available to facilitate customers’ booking, which maximizes your conversion rate as well. Last but not least, our friendly user interface allows you to easily install and set up the app without the technical knowledge required.

Full feature list 💻

👉Booking Management
Track appointments with detailed booking information such as status, date and time, customer, employee, and location filtering by month, week, day or employee in the calendar view. Furthermore, a booking activity log and an analytic dashboard showcased help store owners build a proper business strategy.

👉Google Calendar & Apple Calendar Integration
Facilitate employees’ and customers’ personal schedules thanks to Google Calendar synchronization.

👉Customizable design
Font, color, and background image of the booking section are customizable with full options to perfectly match your store.

👉Additional custom fields
You are providing special products/services? You can add any type of custom fields to your booking section such as dropdown, checkbox, Radio button, Single-line text, and Multiple-line text.

👉Email notification
Automatically send email notifications to customers and employees in different cases

👉Other useful features:
Set up Blackout days, for instance, National holiday
Translate text into your target text to match your store
Add multiple products/services, location, employees
Add an appointment manually right in the admin calendar in special cases
Configure different email templates for different cases and recipients with available pre-made templates
Allow booking for an individual or a group
NOTE: By installing the app, you must display the app branding on the booking widget.

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