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老早就想买一套沙发,看得上眼的都得万把块。上个礼拜翻到爷爷以前做的竹沙发,就想动手做一套!这个季节砍竹子做背篓 椅子 蚕架都不会生蛀虫。背篓 扇子 簸箕都做过就是没做过沙发,整了很多冤枉。好在最后一整套的罗汉床,太妃椅,茶几都折腾出来了,开心开心,来自省钱达人的微笑~
I’ve long wanted to buy a sofa set, but the desired ones cost over 10,000 yuan.
Last week, I found a bamboo sofa made by my grandpa and decided to make a set myself!
Bambooware made around this time of the year, like back baskets, chair or silkworm rearing rack, won’t be gnawed by worms.
I’ve made back baskets, folding fans, and dustpan before, but never a sofa.
And I went through trial and error.
Thankfully, I managed to make an Arhat bed, an empress chair and a tea table in the end.
So happy to have saved a fortune.

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