5 SCARY GHOST Videos Accidentally Caught On Tape

5 SCARY GHOST Videos Accidentally Caught On Tape – This scary video comp features Scary TikTok videos, paranormal activity, and scary ghost videos caught on camera but are they real or fake? You tell me.

Ghost hunting channel Jon The Paranormal Guy performs a paranormal investigation at a creepy haunted cemetery and catches a ghost on tape – could this be a real ghost caught on camera? It is scary to think ghosts could be all around us. Ghost hunter and paranormal investigator Franko TV visits the haunted and scary Waverley Hills Sanatorium hoping to encounter scary paranormal activity but he manages to catch a scary ghost on camera. Japanese ghost hunting channel Kuroshiro visits a haunted hotel and captures something scary lurking in the darkness, but is this a real ghost? A scary TikTok video uploaded by reubix_cube shows what he claims is a “real ghost” caught on camera several years ago. Japanese horror entertainment: Omagatoki film show a scary video of a ghost haunting inside an abandoned house. The scary bonus video comes from True Horror Stories POV and its a very scary video to make you jump and scream!


Watch the scariest videos NOW:


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18:23 – Bonus


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  1. 5 SCARY GHOST Videos Accidentally Caught On Tape 👻😨I hope you all enjoy it! Please like, comment and share with anyone who needs a good scare! 😁
    P.s. you can auto-translate subtitles into your preferred language! (Let me know if your language isn't listed and I'll add it) 👍

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  2. Im confused… The guy who had to prove his tik tok was real by showing us the metadata says it was filmed at 11.14pm but it's bright outside…? Or was it 11.14pm when he uploaded it to tik tok?? I have no idea how these technical things work but I do know that at 11pm in November it's not light outside…unless he lives in Alaska? No, even then it's only bright in summertime.
    I'm driving myself mad someone please help

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  3. I don't scare easily but that Japanese clip was Creepy af, there's something wrong with it and I sensed a presence of something totally evil and I don't want to see it again. I've never felt this way before and can't understand it so, Mind Junkie for the record I have been totally Scared to death ☠, well not death ☠ but You know what I mean .

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